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Signed paperback of Liberate Us Limited Edition Cover:

*Same story, different cover!*




He was mean.



Sammy Butcher had an outer layer he showed to the world. But I got the side of him I had been craving since I first met him.

After the first man I had ever loved was taken from me, I didn’t know how to open up and trust again. But Sammy made it his mission to let me see him. The real him.

Kind and gentle, two things I never thought I would get from him. He also showed me that as long as it was with the right person, I could embrace my deepest and darkest fantasies.

I wanted to be his pet but more than that, I wanted to be his. In every sense of the word.

For good.




She was beautiful.


And a brat.

Amber Bishop could very well bring me to my knees just from saying my name alone. With her vibrant red hair and pale skin, I wanted to leave my touch on every inch of her.

She had a hard time trusting. Couldn’t say I blamed her. I wasn’t known to be a nice guy. I wasn’t the hero in a romance book. I said and did whatever I wanted, whatever the outcome.

But I wanted to be better.

For her.

For us.

No matter how long it took, I would show her she could trust me, and I would take care of her.

I would fight for her.

Even if it destroyed us.

Liberate Us Limited Edition Cover

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