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Signed paperback of Edge, Parker Reed #2:


He is my strength. The power within me that helps me move forward.
He possesses me, pulling the deepest part of my submission out of my very being.
He reveals the edge of our love that strikes like lightning in a storm.
He is Parker Reed.
And he is mine.

Keely Price has learned to forget. She is taught to move on, embracing the world of dominance and submission. She craves the healing and trust that can only come with time.
After Parker Reed’s untimely disappearance, Keely has no choice but to channel the strength that he has given her.
Obstacles are thrown in her path when a vicious secret is revealed, bringing her to her knees of the ultimate defeat.
Can she battle the evil that has taken a piece of her before the darkness shadows her life forever?

Edge (Parker Reed Duet, #2)

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