revealed by you - Chapter 1

People may not believe in love at first sight. The first pull. The first thing that tugs at your heart, leading you to that person. Hell, I definitely didn’t. Not until I met him. My best friend. My lover. Four weeks, three days and eight hours had passed since I’ve seen Brett MacLean.

The day he left for New York felt like a lifetime ago and I couldn’t wait to see him again. For him to come home. We weren’t living together yet but I spent every day at his apartment, needing to be close to him in some way. Needing his scent.

Although video chats were a new thing for us, it wasn’t the same. I missed his touch, his hot breath against my skin, him telling me what he wanted and how he wanted it, the dark possessive air about him as he claimed me. Even though he was dark and brooding, demanding and controlling, I gave in willingly.

Working with Mathis Verlinden, a powerful billionaire that had his hand in everyone’s pocket whether it be legal or not, was good for him. He gave him free rein of his club, Club Rouge, and as long as money was made, everyone was happy.

My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts as I leaned against the black town car and waited. The airport was bustling with people, heading to or from places but there was no sign of Brett anywhere.

I frowned when I saw that my oldest brother was calling me. “Hello Evan.”

He chuckled. “Always so happy to hear from me.”

“I am. Just not when I know a lecture is coming on.” He was worse than our father. Having three brothers and a dad and being the baby of the family, being myself was not always easy growing up.

“Now why would you ever think that I would lecture you?”

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously?”

“Have you talked to dad?”

My back stiffened. “No. Why?”

“He’s going through some changes. Really odd stuff. Like he’s going through man-o-pause or some shit.”

I frowned. “He’s been through a lot, Ev. A change in life is bound to happen sooner than later.”

“Just call him or even better, go see him. I know he would love to spend some time with you.”

“You still staying at his place?” I asked, my stomach clenched at the guilt I felt for not seeing our father in a while.

“No but I visit often.”

“Thanks for making me feel way better, jackass.”

Evan laughed. “Anytime, sis.”

I shook my head as he hung up and made a mental note to go visit our dad. After his heart attack a couple of weeks ago, I should really have been over more often.

I sighed. I wasn’t going to let it bother me. Today was a happy day. Brett was coming home.

Butterflies flew around in my belly and I had to wipe my sweaty palms every so often on my thighs. God, I couldn’t keep still. We talked every night and video chatted as much as we could but I needed more. I always needed more. His touch, his kisses, him telling and showing me how much he loved me.

The sun glowed in the distance on the unusually warm afternoon. I looked down at myself. Was I dressed okay? The white spring dress was long enough to leave something to the imagination but hugged my curves perfectly. Only having the cotton fabric on me and nothing else, sent a thrill down my spine knowing Brett would approve.

A heavy sigh escaped my lips and I bent over, putting my blonde curly hair up in a messy bun. The hairs on the back of my neck tingled making my stomach flip.

I slowly rose to my full height and found Brett standing a few feet away from me. His suitcase in hand, aviator sunglasses on his handsome face and four buttons on his white dress shirt unbuttoned. My stomach flipped, my heart thumping hard against my rib cage at the mere sight of him. God, he was beautiful. Possessive and dominating, dark and sensual. Sex rolled off of him like a cool morning fog.

He pulled off his glasses, his blue eyes locking with mine. A smug smile formed on his hard chiseled face. A dark line of scruff covered his jaw and I couldn’t wait to lick every inch of him.

My body bloomed, needing his hands on me after so long but I was frozen. Captivated by his deep blue stare as he stalked towards me.

He handed the driver his bags and closed the distance between us. He cupped the back of my neck, brushing his thumb over my bottom lip. “Hi, my Evvie.”

Hearing him claim me by just his words, made my insides quiver. “Hi,” I breathed. My heart gave a thump. I swore my insides just turned to mush.

He smirked and leaned down to my ear. “I missed you.” His lips brushed down the length of my jaw. “I’ve missed your smell. Lavender. Vanilla. Me.”

My heart thumped hard, pounding in my ears as he held me restrained just by his hand and mouth. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.

His fingers brushed down my cheek before capturing my mouth in a hard demanding kiss.

My lips instantly parted, taking his tongue deep inside me. The feel of his warm lips against mine after all of these weeks ignited something I hadn’t felt in a while. A wanton need spread through me. I gripped his shirt, pulling him against me. More.

A soft groan erupted from the back of his throat as the kiss deepened. Pushing me up against the side of the town car, his hold on the back of my neck tightened.

I moaned, sucking and pulling at his tongue.

He chuckled and released my mouth, trailing kisses down to my ear. “I’ve missed you so much, lover,” he whispered.

“Hmm…I’ve missed you,” I said, leaning my head to the side.

“I can’t wait to do nasty dirty things to that hot little body of yours,” he growled in my ear, inhaling deep.

I bit my lower lip to keep from panting and brushed a hand down his hard chiseled chest.

His teeth grazed up the side of my neck. “I can’t wait to get you alone.”

I frowned. We were alo—


I bristled at a feminine voice coming up behind us and looked past him to see a tall slender woman heading our way. She was dressed in black Capri sweatpants and a tight pink t-shirt and although it was casual, she was gorgeous. She looked like one of those women who could wear a burlap sack and still walk down a runway.

I bit back a snarl and inched closer to Brett. God, what was wrong with me?

She smiled and waved when Brett looked over his shoulder.

The woman placed a hand on his arm and kissed his cheek.

Much to my amazement, Brett only grinned. What the hell? My mouth fell open. Who the fu—

“Evvie, this is Anna Brinson. Anna, this is Evvie Neal,” he said, motioning between the two of us.

I didn’t care who she was. Why was she all over my man and why didn’t he introduce me as his girlfriend?

“Brett, darlin’, you didn’t tell me she was so beautiful.” The dark haired woman grabbed my shoulders and kissed both of my cheeks. Sweet vanilla perfume wafted into my nostrils. A slight British accent coated her words and although I instantly found myself not liking the woman, it was still sexy as hell.

My stomach clenched. So he did tell her about me. But why the hell didn’t he tell me about her?

“How do you know each other?” I asked, grabbing Brett’s hand in a firm grip.

He kissed my forehead and pulled away before walking around the other side of the car.

I frowned.

“Oh we go way back. Met in high school, actually,” Anna explained, handing the driver her bags.

“Were you friends with his sister?” I asked, opening the door.

Anna blushed. “No.”

I looked back at Brett.

He shoved a hand through his short brown hair, his jaw clenching as he opened the door. “Get in,” he demanded.

Something told me that there was more to their relationship then just friendship. Much more. Realization slapped me in the face. Did he sleep with her?

I got in the car, Anna following in behind me. Sitting across from them, I stewed over what was happening. I had all of these special surprises planned for him. First one being in this car but since we weren’t alone, that idea flew out the window.

“You just visiting, Anna?” As much as I wanted to claw her face off, I was trying to be the better person.

She smiled, her green eyes twinkling. “No. I live here.”

Of course you do. Why Brett never mentioned her before was beyond me. “How did you guys meet up?”

“Anna works for Mathis,” Brett said, not removing his gaze from mine.

“Such a small world when I saw this handsome guy walking into Club Rouge the first day,” she laughed.

Brett chuckled.

My gaze danced between them, watching them interact with each other.

Brett looked my way every so often and as the minutes went by, I became more and more pissed off.

The two of them talked about work, about Mathis and other shit that I didn’t care to listen to. It may have been childish of me but I wanted him all to myself.

“Anna’s going to stay at my apartment for a couple of days while hers gets renovated.”

My head whipped around. What the hell?

“Is that fine, Evvie?” he asked, his gaze darkening, challenging me to argue with him. Oh I would argue, just not with company around. I was a lady.

I pasted on a smile. “Oh sure. That’s quite alright. She can stay there forever if she wants to. See if I care.”

Anna looked between us both. “Okay, well thank you. I promise I won’t be an inconvenience.”

I ignored her and looked out the window. She already was.




As soon as the town car pulled up in front of Brett’s large apartment building, I escaped the confines of the small space. Needing to get away from the beautiful British woman and my boyfriend.

The way they chatted about anything and everything, made me wonder if they haven’t kept in contact all of these years. Yes I was jealous. I would be the first one to admit it but who wouldn’t be? If it was the other way around, Brett would pound the guys face in.

Brett loves you. I scoffed. I never once questioned his love for me but now, seeing the two of them together when it was supposed to be just him and I, had me wondering what Anna’s motives truly were.

We reached the elevator across the large lobby and I punched the button leading to the top floor where Brett’s apartment was. I couldn’t believe that he would be living with another woman. They are just friends, Evvie. Just friends. I repeated the mantra over and over in my head and took a deep breath, easing the racing of my heart.

Laughter boomed behind me and I rolled my eyes and stabbed the button again. The large door opened as Anna and Brett came up behind me and I stepped into the open space. Leaning against the wall, I crossed my arms under my chest.

“Brett, remember when you told Mathis…” Anna giggled and shook her head.

Brett laughed along with her. “If the fucker would have given me full control like he said he would in the first place.”

She placed her hand on his arm. “I am Mathis Verlinden. I know all and see all. I am God’s gift to everyone,” she said, in a fake European accent.

Now they had inside jokes? Really? My blood boiled. I couldn’t get away quick enough.

Brett’s smile faltered when he caught my stare. His gaze heated, taking me in.

Get over yourself buddy. I’m pissed at you.

The doors opened a moment later and I shoved past them both, stomping down the hall. My head reeled. Did they spend time together in New York? Did she have a boyfriend? Was she after mine? Never experiencing this kind of jealousy before, I didn’t like how it made me feel. I was ashamed of myself. My daddy raised me better.

I sighed and unlocked the door to Brett’s apartment and headed to his bedroom. Needing to get away, I shut myself in his bathroom. Yes, I ran. Again. But I needed to collect myself. I needed to figure out what the hell just happened.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I gripped the white counter top until my knuckles ached. After all that we’ve been through, you’d think that this would be nothing but why did I feel like my heart was being ripped from my chest?

The sound of the door shutting made me startle. I looked up and met Brett’s stare in the mirror.

“Do you know what I had planned for our drive home?” I bit out.

“No,” he said, leaning against the door.

I shook my head. “Of course you don’t.” I wanted to tell him about the odd phone conversation with Evan but I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the man standing a few feet away from me.

“You’re pissed.” Brett rolled his sleeves up to his elbows, the veins in his thick forearms protruding at the movements.

My mouth watered as memories of those strong arms holding me, flooded my mind.

Maybe I was overreacting. Anna could be a nice person. I bit back a scoff. No woman could be friends with Brett or even just work for the guy and not want to fuck him. It wasn’t possible. I was living proof of it. “Where’s your friend?”

“She went back to her place to grab some things,” he responded, watching me.

“Did you sleep with her?” The words left my lips before I could even think twice about what I was asking.

His gaze snapped to mine, his jaw clenching. “Why?”

I didn’t move from my spot at the counter as he stood behind me. “Did you?” I demanded.

Brett’s fingers grazed the back of my neck before trailing down my arm.

The light touch sent goose bumps raising over my skin. My body hummed. It had been way too long. Self-satisfaction wasn’t enough when you had this man to take care of your every waking desire.

“Are you jealous?” he asked, placing a soft kiss on my bare shoulder.

“Should I be?” I watched him in the mirror as his lips parted, reining soft feathery touches on my skin. 

He fisted a hand in my hair and pulled my head back.

I gasped, my core throbbing at the rough but delicious movement while I gripped the counter tight.

“The answer to your question, my little vixen, is no, I did not fuck her.” His other hand wrapped around my throat, squeezing my jaw in a firm hold.

I swallowed. “Ever?”

Brett tugged my head back further. “We’re old friends. I’ve never fucked her.”

“Okay,” I whispered. As jealous as I was of the beautiful British woman, I believed him. I had to.

Our gazes collided in the mirror.

“Do you believe me?” he asked, his voice lowering.

I nodded.

“Tell me,” he demanded.

“Yes, I believe you.” But I still had a feeling that Anna wanted more from him than just friendship.

“Good because you are it for me,” he whispered, nipping the soft skin just under my ear. “My one.”

I smiled. “My only.”

A cheesy grin spread on his rugged handsome face.

My body vibrated at my head being restrained by him and I reveled in it. Needed it on a level I hadn’t felt in weeks.

“Did you miss me?” he asked, grazing his teeth up the side of my neck.

Yes. “Hmm…no,” I teased.

He paused and looked at me in the mirror, momentarily stunned by my lie. His eyes darkened. “It makes me hard knowing how jealous you are.”

I licked my lips and smiled. “Not as bad as when you get jealous.”

“Keep your hands on the counter,” he snarled.

A hot shiver ran down my spine at the hard command but even if I wanted to move, I couldn’t. I was frozen in place, needing the control from him that I always so willingly gave in to.

“You didn’t miss me? At all?” he asked, smoothing a hand up the back of my leg under my dress. “I think you’re lying.”

I jumped when his finger brushed over my soaked opening.

A deep growl erupted from his chest as he pushed two fingers into me.

I whimpered as he pumped into me and spread my legs, taking him deeper.

“Your body deceives you, lover,” he purred. He released the hold on my hair and lowered to his knees.

Cool air coated my skin when my dress was lifted to my waist.

“Do you know how hard I am, knowing that you weren’t wearing any panties all this time?” he husked.

My body bucked when his thumbs spread my folds and his tongue entered my pussy. “Brett,” I cried out.

He moaned. “Fuck me, I’ve missed the sweet taste of you.”

Brett lapped at my center, licking all the way up between my ass cheeks, lubricating me.

A hot shiver ran down my spine at the unexpected pleasure in an area no man had ever been before. A rush ran through my body at him taking me to new heights. New amounts of ecstasy that I would only travel to with him.

His tongue brushed back down to my core. It thrust into me at the same as his finger brushed over the puckered area at my rear.

God, I missed him. The way he knew everything about my body, what I liked and didn’t like, left me breathless. He controlled me, owned me in a way I never thought was possible.

His arm wrapped around my middle as he dove at my core, devouring me to the point of breaking. He held me tight, making love to me with his tongue when his finger entered the tight hole in my rear.

I moaned, clenching around him, embracing the burning of the tight sensation. “More.”

He snarled and pushed his finger all the way, pumping into me at a frantic speed.

My body shook as I gasped for breath, feeling an onslaught of pleasure erupting from deep within me. An undeniable amount of bliss exploded from inside of me and I screamed, the powerful release shaking through my body.

After my muscles calmed down, he released me and rose to his full height. He wiped his chin, a smug smile spreading on his face as he unbuckled his belt.

I bent over the counter and waited in baited anticipation.

Brett fisted my hair and turned my head, covering my mouth in a hard bruising kiss. His tongue invaded my lips, taking control as he ran the tip of his cock over my sensitive clit.

I always loved tasting myself on him. The sweet acidic juices from my body, swirling through my senses, making my core pulse.

I jumped, a shiver running down my back while he continued to tease me.

His hips moved, thrusting his cock between the folds of my pussy. The velvet softness of his length rubbed over the hardened nub. New sensations traveled through me at how good it felt.

“Brett, please,” I moaned.

His breathing picked up. “Tell me.”

“Fuck me. Now,” I demanded.

He thrust into me so hard, my waist lifted off of the counter. He didn’t wait for me to get used the size of him. He was as desperate for me as I was for him. His hard frantic movements turned rough as he gripped my hips, plowing into me with a fervor I hadn’t felt from him in a long time.

“Shit, Evvie.” His length swelled inside of me, pouring his semen into my center but his thrusts didn’t stop. “Come for me. I need you with me.”

I pushed back against him, our bodies slapping as I felt his long cock hitting a bundle of nerves that were meant just for him. A tremor of ecstasy roared through me and I broke, crashing over waves of bliss as his name left my lips.

“Don’t move,” he said, pulling out of me.

His warmth trickled down my thighs and just when I was about to question him, he thrust between my folds.

A hot shiver ran down my spine as he covered my sex with his release.

“Feel me all over you,” he husked.

“I do.” I reached between my legs and wrapped a hand around his thick cock. I moved my hips, rubbing myself over the length of him, the fluids from our bodies coating my hand, my thighs, my core.

“Faster,” he growled and fisted my hair, pulling me to an upright position.

I leaned my head against his shoulder and squeezed him.

He grunted. “Come on my dick, Evvie.”

My body burned as I circled my hips up and down his length. Gasping for breath, I shook, a tremor of a pleasurable high erupting through me as he rubbed over my aching clit. His name left my lips, bouncing off the walls of the bathroom.

His cock swelled and before I could even process what he was doing, he thrust back into my waiting heat, lifting me into the air. “Lean against me.”

I did as he said when he grabbed under my knees, spreading me open to take him deeper. I swallowed a gasp.

“Fuck, I’ve missed your greedy cunt,” he growled and pushed into me as deep as he could go.

A whimper escaped my lips, my muscles burning from the added force. I craved the pain, embraced it even as he pumped into me hard.

He held me suspended, pulled out and slammed back into me.

I could feel the liquid from his previous release running down my inner thighs. It was messy, hot and sexy as hell.

His sharp teeth grazed up the side of my neck making my core pulse. He grunted and bit down.

An explosion set off inside of me and I whimpered his name.

Brett thrust into me one last time before shaking through his own release. He kissed my neck, holding me in the air.

Our breathing labored, I sighed in peaceful bliss. “Don’t leave. Ever again.”

He placed me back on my feet and turned me in his arms. “Next time, you’re coming with me.”

I smiled and pulled off my dress.

Brett wrapped an arm around my middle and brushed his knuckles over the top of my mound before pushing a finger through my folds.

A moan escaped my lips and I gripped his shoulders tight, digging my nails into the hard contours of his muscles.

He leaned down, his hot breath scorching my neck as he inhaled. “I’ve missed smelling me on you.” His finger entered me, pushing his semen deep inside of me.

A shudder tore through me and I threw my head back, slowly moving my hips against his hand.

“Do you like that, my little vixen?”

I nodded and chewed my bottom lip. “I’ve missed you being inside of me.”

His blue eyes darkened, filling with hunger knowing that I wasn’t just talking about his cock.

Him in general, I’ve missed. I never wanted to be away from him again. I didn’t care how long it was for.

His thumb pushed against my clit, setting off a quick explosion.

I shook, trembling in his arms as I came hard and fast.

A smug smile formed on his lips as he brought his hand to my mouth. “Open. Taste our orgasms, lover.”

My lips parted, the sweet scent of my arousal mixed with his previous salty release rushed into my head, making my mind spin.

I took his fingers in, sucking them as hard as I could.

His nostrils flared. “Swallow,” he growled.

I did as I was told, my pussy pulsing at him being inside of me in more ways than one.

He replaced his fingers with his mouth. Biting, nipping, sucking my tongue in hard rough pulls. “I’ve missed you. So fucking much.”

My heart swelled to the point of exploding but I needed to taste more of him. I gently pushed him back and with shaky legs I turned on the bath before looking back at him. “Video chats aren’t as satisfying, lover boy?”

He grinned and unbuttoned his shirt before kicking off his pants.

My mouth watered at the glorious sight standing before me. His tanned hard body, chiseled and strong from hours of working out, his length growing, begging for my touch again. God, I couldn’t get enough of this man.

“See something you like?” he asked, taking a step towards me.

I met his gaze and licked my lips, waiting.


That one hard demand always did me in. Lowering to the floor, my skin hummed as I knelt before him. 

His nostrils flared as he wrapped a hand around his growing erection. He leaned down and gripped my jaw, pushing my head back. Placing a hard kiss on my mouth, he sucked my bottom lip before releasing me.

I moaned, swaying towards him at the delicious impact.

He smirked. “It’s been over a month since I’ve fucked that pretty mouth of yours.”

A breath left me on a whoosh. I would never get used to the way he spoke so casually about sex.

He licked back into my mouth. “You’re going to swallow my dick and then I’m going to fuck that tasty pussy over and over again for the rest of the night. You want that?”

I panted and nodded.

“You want me inside of you, filling you with my come?” he purred.

“Oh God, yes.”

“Good. It’s been too long.” He leaned his head from side to side, cracking the tendons in his thick neck. His gaze met mine, his hold on my jaw tightening. A wicked glint flashed in his heated stare. “You have no idea how much I want to come all over that hot little body, making you smell like me. Marking you as mine.”

My core pulsed at the image he put in my head.

“Hmm…maybe my little vixen would like that.”

The way he dominated and took control, always left me aching and panting for more. I craved him. He was my drug and I was like a junkie that needed my fix. I wouldn’t be satisfied until I got my fill of him. A dark part of me knew that I would never be satisfied and that sent a thrill down my spine.