From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was in love with her. But almost as fast as that love formed, she was taken from me. Now as I looked down at my daughter, lying in my arms with her eyes closed, I only imagined she would open them for me. Just give me a breath. Anything. Wake up for me, baby girl.

When my lips touched her forehead, I prayed with everything in me that she would cry. But she didn’t. She couldn’t. It wasn’t fair. None of this was fair. The man I loved wanted nothing to do with me, and the daughter I didn’t know was stolen from my very body.

I begged to anyone who would listen, Let her stay with me. Take me instead. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve any of it.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, my sobs of anguish ripped through me. They took hold and strangled me, sucking the air from my very lungs.

“I love you, baby girl.” I kissed her softly on her perfect mouth. “I love you, and I don’t even know you,” I said through my tears. Brushing my thumb over her full cheek, I kept my lips against her forehead. “Lord, give me strength. Help me move on from this.” My breath hitched. “Help me learn to live without her.”


I didn’t look up at the gentle voice, knowing the person had come to take my baby away.

“It’s time, dear.” The nurse reached a hand out, placing it gently on my baby’s head. “I’m sorry.”

A sob tore from my throat. “It’s not fair,” I screamed, my soul shattering around me. “It’s not fair. I need more time. Please.”

The older nurse nodded, leaving me alone with my daughter.

Lying down on the bed, I kept her by my side, holding her close.

It never should have been like this. We were supposed to be happy. Just her and me.

When my baby girl was taken from my arms, the last bit of light inside of me went with her. My world would forever be clouded in a sea of darkness.

Because of this, a part of me died.

Because of him, I would never be the same.