I want you naked and kneeling on the bed with your ass facing the door. I’m going to fill every inch of you with so much cum, it’s going to be leaking from your pores. Get ready, baby, because I’m going to spend the night fucking you until you can no longer breathe.

I shivered as I read the text. Every inch of me came alive with anticipation. Not knowing when he would arrive. Would it be in a few minutes? Hours? Longer? I never knew and I liked it that way. We preferred it. The not knowing. The buildup leading to the final explosion. It was more exciting when things were left to chance and not planned.

Sammy Butcher and I had been sleeping together for a while now but every time with him was new and exciting. It always left me wanting more. No matter how many times he fucked me within an inch of my life, my craving for him never dwindled. He knew it and took advantage of it.

The first night together he broke my table.

The next time, he damn near broke my soul.

What we had was fun but at the same time, it was dangerous as hell. Because even though he was a dick most times, I still texted him when I needed to feel him deep and powerful inside of me.

He knew that no matter what, I couldn’t get enough of him. I often wondered if something was wrong with me. I should know my worth and want to be treated like a queen. I did but I also liked to be fucked dirty against a wall. Or feel that delicious slice of pain as his palm connected with my cheek when he was deep inside me. He figured out rather quickly that I gave as good as I got. Both of us enjoyed that delicious slice of pain but at the same time, I liked to be held and protected too. I knew Sammy would never hurt me and take things further than I liked.

“Pick a safeword.”

A safeword. A single word that would stop it all. He liked to try and make me use it, but I never did. I often thought he was challenging me in a way.

Most would think what we had was degrading, maybe it was, but I always consented. He was rough, powerful, took exactly what he wanted and gave it back to me in ways I never experienced before. He took care of me without even knowing it. Without even trying. I knew I was safe in his clutches. Even when his hands were wrapped around my throat. He made me realize that the dark side to sex was intoxicating with the right person and that it was okay to embrace it as long as we were safe.

While he threw vile words at me because he knew I liked it, he held me after. It was a contradiction in a way. With him being rough and vulgar during the act and then soft and gentle after. The after was my favorite. Always.

Placing the phone on my nightstand, I stripped and crawled onto the bed.

The sound of the door leading to my apartment closing sent a thrill rushing through me. I was so damn thankful I gave him that key because I liked not knowing when he would arrive. If I would be in the shower and have him join me unexpectedly or be sleeping and wake up with him beside me. Both of us liked not knowing.

But it looked like I wouldn’t have to wait too long for him.

I replayed his rules over in my head.

No kissing on the mouth.

Tell him if it gets to be too much and use my safeword if I needed but I never did because he knew that I could take it. That I could take him.

All of him.