As soon as I dropped the letter off, I left.

Brogan Tapp was the only woman I had ever loved. Even though she was my stepsister, we had been through so much together. I honestly thought at one point that we would drive off into the sunset and never look back. Then she met him. Coby Porter. The large fucker who I refused to go toe-to-toe with. So, like the pussy I was, I left. On her wedding day.

Walking her down the aisle and giving her to someone else was the hardest thing I had ever done. After all of the shit I had been through, I would go through all of it a million times over before giving Brogan away again.

“She’s going to kick your ass,” Catch told me as I slipped onto my Harley.

“Yup,” I grunted in response.

“Grey.” His cold blue eyes narrowed. “This is it?”

I paused before turning on my bike. Catch Hunter waited. The guy had been with me since the beginning, only just becoming my vice-president a year ago. He preferred to hide on the sidelines but, after I pretty much gave him no choice, he agreed to be my VP.

“Stop staring at my gorgeous face and answer my question,” he teased, giving me a wink. 

I chuckled, shaking my head, and started up my bike. “Yeah. This is it.”

“Good.” He put on his helmet and revved the engine on his own machine. “I’m ready to go home.”

So was I. I had meant every word in the letter I left for Brogan. I wouldn’t be back. Not for a long time. Maybe not ever. I would be there if she needed me but, other than that, I would be moving on.