FINALLY US - prologue

I enjoyed throwing parties. Planning them. Organizing the food. Decorating. Inviting people. Whether it be at my place or someone else’s, I loved it all. I even enjoyed cleaning up after. My sister said that I was a party planner in a previous life and should have made a career out of it. Maybe she was right. But it wasn’t my calling. Not in this life anyway.

I danced.

I lived and breathed ballet. At first it was all I could think about. Sliding my feet into those slippers. Standing up on the tips of my toes when it should be humanly impossible and painful as hell. I loved the calluses, the broken skin, and the agony.

When my muscles hurt after a good and long routine, I knew that I had done what my heart set out to do.

But now, so many years later, I loved more than just ballet.

“You are going to be the next best thing that came out of Julliard.” My dad beamed. “I’m so proud of you.”

That would have probably been the case too if I hadn’t blown my knee out. Maybe not the next best thing but definitely good enough to go on tour, have a career, and just do what I loved to do. For a living. Most people couldn’t say they enjoyed their jobs. But I did. Or I would have if I’d never fallen and hurt myself. That had been over six months ago. My knee was still tender at times. Especially when the weather was cold, or it rained. But for the most part, it was fine. I was just feeling down on myself and having a pity party for one.


My body tingled as Vincent Junior’s deep voice came from behind me but I continued walking toward my car.

“Hey, Queenie. What’s wrong?”

I hated the sympathy in his voice but what I hated even more was that I craved it just the same. Vince was an addiction I couldn’t kick. I wanted him. God, did I ever want him. He was eighteen now and looked like a damn god. He was five years younger than I was and going off to school. But it didn’t make this need for him dwindle any less.

An idea came to me. Maybe we could have some fun before he left. It was his birthday and all.

“Gigi, talk to me.”

My skin tingled the closer he got to me. My body vibrated, anticipation bubbling inside of me over what he would do or say next.

We had been going back and forth for the last year. We were friends, talked constantly, and texted often, but it had never amounted to anything more than that. Our families were close and although he was only eighteen, he had grown up over the summer. We had always just been friends but now my feelings for him had changed. But I didn’t want to dwell on my little crush on him and just have fun tonight instead. Even if it was just for a little bit.

I had thrown him a birthday party like I had done for the rest of our friends and wanted it to be a memorable night for him. The parties were usually held at my place but because it was Vince, I decided to hold it at a restaurant instead.


I looked up then at the rough use of my name.

Vince came toward me, his hands shoved into his pockets. His dark hair was cut short, that strong jaw of his, clenching the longer I didn’t say anything to him. His cheekbones were sharp and his lips full. He was half Italian and half Japanese which made him almost exotic looking. He got his mother’s almond shaped eyes and his dad’s natural tan. While he was beautiful and looked like he walked right off a magazine, it was his dark eyes that held my interest. They pierced into mine, inviting me into the deepest parts of his soul. They held secrets in their murky depths and if I played my cards right, maybe I could find out exactly what those secrets were and how deep they went.

When I reached my car, I went to open the back door when a heavy hand slapped against the top of it.

My body vibrated at feeling Vince this close to me. We had only ever been friends. Just friends. As much as I wanted more, it had felt almost too taboo to take it further with him. He was also one of my best friends’ younger brother. Even though I wasn’t that much older than him, I couldn’t let him use me when he was leaving in only a matter of days to go off to school. He would meet a bunch of girls, go to party after party, and probably meet someone else.

“Hey.” His hot breath fanned over my head. “What’s going on, Gigi?” he demanded, his voice rough. “You were crying. I don’t like seeing you cry unless I’m the one who causes those tears.”

My eyes widened. “You want to make me cry?”

He chuckled, brushing his finger down the length of my arm. “Not because I hurt you but because I make you feel so fucking good, you can’t help but sob for me.”

My mouth fell open.

I turned around, leaned against the side of the car, and stared up at him. “You think you can make me feel good?”

“No.” Vince grinned, leaning his other hand on the door, caging me in. “I know I can make you feel good.”

Was he that experienced? Had he been with other women already? Maybe he read and did research. God, now I was jealous over something that shouldn’t be happening between us in the first place, but I couldn’t help the way my body reacted to him. I was damn near vibrating out of my skin just to have him touch me and feel his lips on mine.

As much as I didn’t want to be used, the darker part of me, the part that would win out, wanted to use him up, spit him out and give him something to remember me by.

Vince reached out, brushing his fingers beneath the gold chain around my neck. It had been a present from him so many years ago. He had saved up enough money after getting his first job and bought me the necklace for my birthday with his own money. It meant everything that he did that for me, and I hadn’t taken the necklace off since.

“Why now?” I asked, trying not to focus on the fact he had my necklace in his hand. Or the fact my heart started racing even more now that he was standing so close to me. Or the fact he smelled so damn good. Like spice mixed with a hint of honey. It was sweet, yet toxic, and it messed with my head.

“Why not now?” He took a step closer. “It is my birthday after all.”

“I know. I planned your party remember.”

He leaned down toward me, his mouth mere inches from mine. Just when I thought he was going to kiss me; he brushed his lips over my ear. “I know and I still haven’t received my present from you.”

“What present?” I swallowed hard. “The party is your present.”

He chuckled, gripping my hip in a rough hold.

I bit back a gasp. His touch burned me through the fabric of my dress. If I was reacting this way to him before anything happened, I couldn’t imagine how it would be once we finally took it to the next level.

“Really, Gigi?” In a quick move, he kicked my legs apart.

The gasp broke free that time, my body falling back against the side of the car.

“You see.” His hand on my hip moved lower, hitting the hem of my dress and sliding beneath the fabric. “I think you’re lying. I happen to know that you do have a present for me. You’ve been wanting to give it to me for a while now. Maybe you didn’t even realize it until now.”

“W-What present is that?” I asked him, tilting my head to give him better access to my throat.

A deep rumble left him, the sound vibrating through every inch of me. The back of his hand brushed up my inner thigh, sending a wave of goosebumps in its path. “Your body.”

My stomach flipped at what he was suggesting. “Vince.”

“Shhh…” He cupped my jaw, turning my head toward the restaurant. The restaurant I had thrown him the party at. That housed our friends and family inside. Where anyone could walk out and see us standing by my car.

My body tingled at the idea of being caught. My core clenched, aching to be filled the longer time wore on where he wasn’t inside me. Knowing that at any second someone could see us, sent a thrill throughout every inch of me.

“Hmm…you like the idea of being caught,” Vince murmured against the side of my throat. While his hand that was between my legs, curled around my thigh, a low growl left him. The hold he had on me made me feel as if I was owned by him. He brushed a finger of his free hand along my mouth before dipping it between my lips.

The tiny hairs on my skin vibrated. Desire unfurled deep in the pit of my belly. Taking a chance, I licked along his finger, sucking it deeper into my mouth.

A soft groan left him. Much to my surprise, he started thrusting his finger back and forth along my tongue.

My body wept with need for him, my desire for him leaking between my thighs.

While Vince slid his finger along my tongue, his other hand brushed higher up my inner thigh.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I imagined what it would be like to have him inside of me. To feel him moving along the ridges of my body. To push me over the edge and fall right along with me until both of us were writhing and panting for more.

“Vince,” I breathed around his finger.

He released me, taking a step back.

I panted, trying to catch my breath.

His dark eyes stared into mine. He was challenging me, daring me to shove him away and go home.

Instead, I slipped into the back seat of the car and waited for him to join me. I no longer cared that he was going off to school. I would give him something to remember me by.

Vince leaned an arm against the hood of the car. “Tell me.”

I crooked a finger. “I think you should come here, and I’ll show you instead.”

A wicked grin spread on his face. “And if I don’t?”

I scoffed. “You started this first, remember? I was just going to go home but then you joined me out here and started touching me.”

“You complaining, Queenie?”


“I came out here because I thought something was wrong.” He paused, waiting for me to tell him what my issue had been, but I refused.

Truth was, I was upset that he was leaving but it was too soon for that confession. Instead, I moved to all fours and crawled toward him. Reaching out, I placed a hand on his chest and let it trail down to his waist. The large bulge behind his black dress pants jumped beneath my touch.

“What do you want?”

“The same thing as you.” I unbuckled his belt, pushing down the fly to his pants. I brushed a finger along the edge of him, reveling in the way it swelled.

I was half-expecting him to stop me. We were out in the open after all. But this was thrilling. This newfound awareness tingled through every inch of me. I wanted to explore all of those kinky desires I was accused of not having. I had been called a prude for years. But it wasn’t true. I just had no one to explore these desires with.

“What are you doing, Gigi?” Vince asked, not because he wanted me to stop but because he wanted me to keep going. He was giving me all the permission I needed to show him what exactly it was I wanted, and more.

I pushed a hand beneath his shirt, my palm coming into contact with his hot skin. His abs jumped beneath my touch. My mouth watered, my tongue tingling with anticipation over what it would be like to taste him.

Vince cupped my cheek, brushing his thumb over my bottom lip. Without waiting for me to do whatever it was that I was going to do, he pushed me back and joined me in the back seat. He shut the door behind him before turning toward me.

We sat there, staring at each other. Neither of us took it to the next step, whatever that step may be.

Getting a sense of bravery, I licked my lips. “I think you should make good on your threat.”

“This my birthday present, Gigi?” he asked, his gaze dropping to my mouth.

I grinned, crawled onto his lap, and straddled his waist. “Is that what you want?”

His hands slid up my thighs to my hips. “More than you will ever fucking know.”

“Good.” Crushing my mouth to his, I took his breath deep into my lungs and made it my own.

Vince groaned, digging his fingers into my hips. With a firm grip on my waist, he moved me back and forth over his lap.

My lips tingled at the bruising kiss. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The fact he had just turned eighteen no longer hung between us as he completely devoured my mouth.

His hold on my hips tightened, the skin no doubt bruising beneath his rough touch. The burn inside of me ignited into a raging inferno.

Vince was finally touching me. Holding me. Kissing me.

He released my mouth and trailed his lips along my jaw. “You taste like cinnamon,” he murmured against my throat. “You do a shot?”

A husky laugh left me. “No, it was gum.”

He smirked. “I like it.”

My smile grew.

Although, a shot would have given me courage to go through with this, it wasn’t like this was planned. I was doing this on a whim and thankfully, Vince wasn’t turning me down. I was a virgin, but I feared telling him that. I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t know if he was one as well but at this point, I didn’t care.

“Tell me what you’re doing.”

I lifted my head, running my fingers along his square jaw. “I’m going to give you a going away present. This is just sex since you’re going off to school.”

“This is some going away present.” He grabbed the hem of my dress and lifted it up and over my head. My dark curls fell down around my shoulders. He took in the curves of my body, his eyes shining intently into mine and then drifting down, appreciating that I had gained a little weight in the chest since ending my ballet career. He licked his bottom lip, taking in every inch of my figure that I tried hard to maintain even though I wasn’t dancing as much as I used to.

His eyes moved back up to my chest that was covered by a lacy white bra. “So pure.” He fisted the necklace wrapped around my neck. His thumb and forefinger brushed over the tiny pink ballet slippers pendant.

“I didn’t want you to forget me,” I whispered, watching his strong fingers move along the pendant.

“Never, Queenie.” His dark eyes popped to mine. “I will never forget you.” He tugged the chain, pulling me forward until our lips met in the middle once again.

He breathed me in, taking everything I was made of and kept it for himself. He took, he gave, he completely consumed me. For someone so young, he was in complete control.

Maybe he was more experienced than I thought. Not that I wanted to think about who he had experienced anything with.

“Gigi,” he murmured against my mouth. “Kiss me, baby. Stop thinking. It’s just us here.”

“Too bad,” I blurted. I coughed, realizing my mistake.

He broke the kiss, staring at me. “You want an audience?”

My cheeks burned. “I want you. That’s it.” For now, went unsaid. Truth was, I had no idea what my sexual desires were but the possibility of getting caught, was exciting. No. Getting caught and still going, was even better.

“Alright, Gigi.” He kissed my jaw, tightening his hold on the necklace. “We’ll talk about that later.”

Good, because I didn’t want to tell him that I wanted to get caught by strangers, friends, or family. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to tell him that voyeurism excited me, in case it scared him away. So instead, I reached around to my back, unclipped my bra, and tossed it to the seat beside us.

Vince’s gaze roamed down the length of me. His eyes burned into me, heating my skin on fire the longer he stared. But instead of commenting like I thought he would, he tugged the chain, pulling me closer and slammed his mouth down hard on mine.

Reaching into his pants, I wrapped a shaky hand around his thick shaft. A whimper left me; my fingers unable to close around him. My body trembled, knowing he would hurt but feel good at the same time.

He cupped the back of my head, fisting my hair and holding me in place as he devoured every inch of my mouth.

Pulling him free from his pants, I rose to my knees and brushed my center over him.

He shivered, sliding his hand down my spine.

Keeping my mouth locked with his, I hooked a finger in the crotch of my panties and pulled the fabric to the side.

“Fuck,” he growled against my lips. “Give it to me, baby.”

“Condom,” I whispered.

“No.” He nipped my bottom lip. “I want to feel you.”

I shivered. “Oh thank God.” I circled against him, the tip of him pushing against my opening. The more I moved, the deeper he went. He stretched me. Owned me. Completely controlled every inch of me. I couldn’t breathe the deeper he went.

Trying to pull away, I needed to catch my breath but his hold on the back of my head, tightened. In a quick move, he dropped me onto him. He swallowed my scream, deepening the kiss.

I wasn’t able to get used to his size as he lifted his hips, powering into me with so much strength, I broke in a matter of minutes. His name left my lips on a hard cry.

He grunted, holding me against him and kept his fingers wrapped in my necklace. He broke the kiss, staring at me with lust in his dark eyes. He brought the pendant up to his lips, giving it a kiss.

I stared at him with awe.

And then he said the unexpected. Something that I never thought I would hear from him. Or anyone for that matter. I wasn’t sure why I was surprised but I was, and I prayed with everything in me that I would hear that single word again. Maybe in time. Maybe when he was done school and came home to me. Little did he know that I would wait for him. I would be there for whenever he was ready.

Vince kissed the corner of my mouth. “Mine.”