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With his cock deep inside me and his mouth firmly on mine, I submitted. The soft silky rope dug into my wrists, stopping me from touching the dark stranger who had full control of every inch of me. Whether I liked it or not, I was giving over my all to someone I didn’t know. All because I had no choice. All because I had to save my brother.

The man grunted, his mouth brushing along the length of my throat, but he didn’t say anything. No. How could he? We weren’t allowed to speak. It was against the rules.

And I couldn’t see him. Again, rules. The silk sash wrapped around my head shielded him from me, but I could feel him. Every inch. Every throbbing vein as he moved slowly in and out of me.

He had gone in completely bare. Another rule. We had to go through rigorous testing before we were even considered for the job. Job. Fucking please.

The stranger grunted again. “Relax.” His voice had been so soft, I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly. No. He couldn’t have. Could he? If he was caught speaking to me, the session would end, and I would be leaving without what I came here for in the first place.

Even if I was dreaming it, I willed myself to relax.

He groaned, sliding back inside me.

Arching beneath him, I took him even deeper. His rough, calloused hands slid over my hips before cupping my ass.

I shivered, spreading my legs even wider for him.

The stranger groaned again, pumping into me slowly and deeply. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t hard. But it was perfect. It made me wonder why he was at this place?

The Club.

I was sure he probably wondered the same thing about me. Or he didn’t care. Probably the latter.

God, stop thinking so much, Lex.

Taking a deep breath, I squeezed my eyes shut even though I was blindfolded, and just felt. His hands on my body. His breath on my skin. His thick length deep inside of me.

The more he thrust, the higher I climbed.

Spots danced in my vision. My hands tugged on the ropes.

Another thrust and I broke.

I whimpered, chewing my bottom lip to keep from crying out. Another rule.

His hot breath scorched the side of my neck, his release following soon after. It coated me, heating me from within.

I moaned, tilting my hips up and then up even higher still. God, I was greedy for him.

A dark chuckle escaped him. Placing a gentle peck just beneath my ear, his lips roamed over the soft skin.

Just when I thought he was done, he pushed into me even harder.

I gasped, my back bowing off the bed I laid on.

The stranger waited, kissing me softly on the mouth before slipping free from my body. A door sounded a moment later and I was left to my own thoughts.

Whoever just left my body, made an impression. On my skin. On my damn soul. I wanted more, and I didn’t know why. I had never wanted more. Not until him. Not until the stranger. Not until I was forced to fuck a man I didn’t know just to save my brother.

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