She was leaving me.

Even though it was her parents who were taking her away and she had just turned seventeen, I still blamed her.

Five years. Five years filled with passion, discoveries, and love. So much damn love. All for it to blow up right in front of my face.

Even with her standing in front of me, I already felt disconnected from her. With her standing only a few inches away, it didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered anymore. I was done. I would never forgive her for breaking my heart. For ripping the muscle right from the very chest it beat inside.

“Marry me.”

“We’re too young.”

Rejection. It forced this newfound rage inside of me, I had never felt like this before.

While I watched her drive away with her parents, I lit up a smoke and turned around. I never said goodbye because it hurt too much. I didn’t kiss her. I didn’t touch her. She left, and I did absolutely nothing.

She left me, and I hated her for it.